About Us​

The team at Australian Facilitation Company is driven by equal parts of passion, pride in our work and continuous improvement.

Our Value Proposition

The Australian Facilitation Company's Unique Value Proposition for our clients


You receive exceptional quality and results without the high-end price tag.


We are a successful collaboration of very experienced facilitators, trainers, designers and coaches who have built their brands over decades of exceptional work.


Our business model is based on independent consultants who work together as a "super brains trust" to design and facilitate exciting and highly successful development programs.

Our Values


We believe in excellence and will strive to excel in every aspect of our business, to consistently deliver high quality customised facilitation and training services.


We believe in honesty, transparency and reliability. We will work hard to understand both our colleagues and clients’ needs and provide honest counsel to ensure the most effective options are considered.


We believe in building open and honest relationships not only with our clients but additionally within our team and its support network. We will put in the time, energy and effort to know our clients, their business, their industry, their environment, the issues they are dealing with and work with them to develop effective solutions.


We believe being adventurous, creative and open-minded is vital to be innovative. We will always pursue innovative ways to deliver effective learning and development solutions to enable and empower organisations and people to be their best.


We believe in the power of combining fun with passion and we will create collaborative, enjoyable environments were people feel safe, supported and enlivened while pursuing their goals.

We Want to Measure ROI as Much as you do​

Whether you prefer Thalberg’s, Fink’s or Kirpatrick’s models of evaluation, we want to evaluate your program at crucial steps to make adjustments in an agile manner.

[1] Developed from the text book Measuring ROI in Learning and Development. The American Society for Training and Development (2012). Patricia Pullam Phillips and Jack J Phillips, editors.