Does your organisation need to innovate, problem-solve or change to meet the dynamic environment?

How We Help

pure facilitation diagram

Many people use the words “trainer” and “facilitator” interchangeably, so we use the term “pure facilitation” when we speak about this service.

What we mean is the activity of creating a psychologically safe space, holding that space for the group and empowering them to actively participate – no passengers allowed!

So when is pure facilitation needed? We’ve delivered this service for:

  • Strategic planning  
  • Project planning 
  • Community and stakeholder engagement 
  • Change Management 
  • Boards and conferences 
  • Focus groups 
  • Team building 
  • Executive meetings 
  • Process improvements 
  • Conference, Forum, Workshop Facilitation and planning 


Our team has had the pleasure of witnessing incredible break-throughs and insights as we facilitate this process to gain the outcomes you need.

We ensure highly effective group engagement is achieved to enable the delivery of high-quality decision making. 

 Our process will ensure:  

  • Outcomes are owned and accepted by your organixation. 
  • All stakeholders are free to participate in a meaningful manner. 
  • Stakeholders with varied agendas will be accommodated and welcomed. 
  • Group dynamics will be facilitated to allow vigorous and varied debate. 
  • Inclusive meaningful contributions occur across participant authority and status levels.  
  • Inspiration of innovative thinking, and “norm” challenging solutions.