Strategy Formulation​

Does your organisation have a clear idea of what you want to achieve?

Taking the time to develop strategy is not only necessary, but critical, to the long-term success and health of your organisation.

Unfortunately, many leaders and team members experience strategic planning as a painful, unproductive and often irrelevant activity. Far too often the final plan is filed… never to be implemented or much less reviewed.

How We Help

Creating a ‘stakeholder owned’ strategy and implementing it is hard work that is often confusing. Let us demystify the process while we upskill you and your team, in order to embed the process to the point that it is self-sustaining.

We will assist you to think and behave strategically to build a “strategic to operational plan”, which provides you with a clear road map to implement your strategy successfully and painlessly, with established credibility, ownership and buy-in throughout your organisation, thus making implementation more effective.

Through our support we will ensure you avoid the common pitfalls that lead to plans that are, at best, confusing and ineffective, but at worse, erode morale, sap motivation and consume valuable resources.

Creating and implementing an effective strategic plan that is valuable and essential to long term success is possible – when you have the right guidance and the right process, to go from strategic thinking, to creating a plan on paper, to driving the actions which implement that plan.

We will also work with your team to ensure a strategic governance process is developed specifically for your organisation to ensure the “strategic to operation plan” remains a living document that your team regularly monitors, adjusts, and uses for effective decision making throughout the organisation.

Your Choices

We provide several alternatives to clients when facilitating the development of strategic and business planning processes. All options include a full evaluation report:

Facilitating a strategy formulation process designed specifically to meet your teams existing needs and development level.

Results in the creation of an effective “strategic to operational plan” or “strategic plan”.

As above with embedded training and coaching, to develop the capacity of your leadership/planning team to continue the strategic process – without the need of external service providers. This may include training, application guidance, resources, efficacy surveying, and coaching / mentoring.

Results in the creation of an effective “strategic to operational plan” or “strategic plan” and increased capacity of team to sustain process independently.

Training, coaching and mentoring to develop your skills to lead your own strategy formulation and implementation process.

Results in you facilitating a tailored process with our support and guidance.


Facilitation process to review your existing strategic planning with your key stakeholders.
Results in an updated strategic plan based on your existing strategic planning methodology.


Stakeholder engagement process designed to provide you with vital information and buy-in when developing your own strategic plan.


Everyone in your organisation or division, will benefit from the creation and implementation of an effective “strategic to operational plan”.  It will focus the ‘every day decisions’ and will provide every employee with the knowledge required to contribute toward the overarching goals – which ultimately benefits your organisation.

Whether you’re developing a strategic plan for the first time for your team, or redefining your business strategy for your whole organisation or department, we can support and guide you to achieve an effective and successful outcome.