Vicky – WA Government Agency Senior Manager

In this interview, Vicky talks about her experience working with Kylie Cutten in a process of strategic change.

How do you describe your organisation?

We employ over 400 people and we are a public sector government trading entity.

What were you wanting to achieve with your engagement with the Australian Facilitation Company?

We have always taken a strategic approach to our learning and development. There’s been a number of programmes aimed at increasing the diversity of our organisation as well as the long term capability of our people.

What made you choose to work with Kylie from the Australian Facilitation Company?

I’ve had a long professional association with Kylie. I’d worked with her before she formed the Australian Facilitation Company. I recognised that she had some fantastic ideas and that’s how the relationship developed.

Is it possible to describe Kylie’s point of difference?

I think the point of difference for me is her absolute commitment to the client. There’s an absolute commitment to understand what are some of the key outcomes that I’m looking for. I also like her macro approach. I like the fact that I can be quite candid with Kylie and she actually understands all the nuances of an organisation’s culture.

The other thing that stands out is that she takes a very holistic approach. She is also always open to feedback in terms of the post evaluation and continuous improvement. 

Are you able to describe anything about the process that they took you through?

From the initial consultation, there’s a lot of research done to prepare the proposal for the scope of work. There is then a feedback process to refine the structure of the programme. Once the brief is clear from that point I have full trust in Kylie to actually interpret what I need and work out the best way to achieve what I want. I have confidence in her as a safe pair of hands and that frees me up to get on with other priorities.

What makes you happiest about working with Kylie?

I think she’s got a very consultative style. She’s not defensive about anything. She has got fantastic facilitation skills. She is very compassionate and is always trying to do the best for us. She’s trying to do the best for me personally as a manager.  She’s trying to do the best for the organisation. On an individual level, she’s also trying to guide people to a stronger position in how they see themselves. It’s a three pronged approach and that’s what I enjoy working with her.

Can you describe any ways that this work that Kylie’s done has made your life easier?

I think she’s made my life easier because when we have a discussion, she’ll put something in my head. She’s got a very collaborative approach and we end up doing something different that we haven’t done before. I think she can challenge you in terms of what you’re trying to achieve and what’s possible.

I also like the way that she thinks things through, because she’s quite a deep thinker and a reflective person. She takes a very considered approach and I appreciate the insights she brings to the table.

The other thing that makes my life easier is the higher level of engagement in the team I have around me. I have a very small team and I’ve been trying to get the team more involved in programme development. Kylie greatly assisted these people to develop and gain confidence. They are able to work directly with Kylie and then I only have to have a general discussion with Kylie about that work. I have complete confidence from start to finish and she has built a stronger team around me. Together we are able to achieve more.

What feedback do you get from your people about the process?

I think people feel that Kylie is very inclusive and that she personally understands their particular professional obstacles whatever those may be. She really makes a difference to their professional and personal lives. In all cases I think she gets them to think differently about their professional capabilities. I’ve actually had a couple of people contact me and let me know that the work has really transformed their professional lives. 

What has been the impact of the engagement on your business?

I’ll take the example of our Women in Leadership work. I’ve seen written evaluations that programme changed employee perspectives. All of them believed that they had an increased capability in different aspects of their professional lives. I think the main thing is all of them had a much better level of confidence to try different things in the organisation or to change things in personal lives or professional lives. There’s no doubt those employees now have an increased level of confidence and that is significant.

Is there anything about working with Kylie and the Australian Facilitation Company that surprised you?

The reporting process is outstanding. The evaluation report is the most comprehensive I have seen from any company, ever.

What would you say to someone who’s thinking about engaging the Australian Facilitation Company to bring about change in their organisation?

I would highly recommend Kylie. She is highly strategic and highly engaged with the client. She does fantastic research and she’s just a brilliant person to work with.

People Talking
People Talking
I think the point of difference for me is their absolute commitment to the client. There’s an absolute commitment to understand what are some of the key outcomes that I'm looking for.